1st Post — THE Burger List

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new burger blog.

I had recently been debating whether writing a burger blog would be a good idea. I have written a blog before with an intention to publish “my-culture” fashion and music. I kept it fresh and up to date for a little bit; But then it slowly died, and shriveled up. Well, after a little motivation from a couple friends to start a burger blog, here it is.

My first post will be my burger list. Now I’m going to have to post it every so often, as I continue on my quest for the best burger on our planet, starting in little Orange County, but up to date as of June 8th, 2012, here it is:

1. Muldoons Pub and Celtic Bar, Newport Beach – St. Patty Burger (bacon, onions, guacamole, tillamook)

2. The Counter, Irvine – Custom

3. Lucille’s BBQ, Lake Forest – Western BBQ Burger

4. Slater’s 50/50, Anaheim Hills – Custom

5. Hodad’s, San Diego – Blue Jay Bacon Burger

6. KGB: Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers, Las Vegas – BBQ Bacon Burger

7. The Cheesecake Factory, Irvine – Western BBQ Burger

8. In-N-Out, Laguna Hills – Double-Double (Everything/Grilled & Raw Onions)

9. Yard House, Irvine – Bearnaise Burger

10. Tommy J’s/ Froggies, Davis – Blue Cheese Burger (Everything/Grilled & Raw Onions)

11. Fat Burger, Aliso Viejo – Regular size (Grilled & Raw Onions/Over-Easy Egg/Bacon)

12. Claim Jumper, Costa Mesa – Hickory BBQ Burger

13. EZ Take-Out, Costa Mesa – Double Burger (Everything/Grilled & Raw Onions)

14. The Habit, Lake Forest – Regular size (Everything)

15. Five Guys, Orange – Custom

16. Ruby’s Diner, Laguna Beach – BBQ Bacon Burger

17. Bill’s Restaurant, Costa Mesa – Regular size (Everything/Grilled & Raw Onions)

18. Chilli’s, Aliso Viejo – BBQ Burger

Ok well there it is. Please be patient with me as I’ve never worked with wordpress before. If you have any advice or places that you think should be on this list. Please drop a comment with the name of the joint and the city.

Happy Burger Eating…

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  1. AWESOME DOM!! Have you tried the widow maker at Claim Jumper?? That is one of my faves.

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