New Poll: What is your favorite topping on a burger?!



– If needed, feel free to discuss your reasoning below in the comment section!


Add yours →

  1. Avocado deserves better than an Other option (not that it could ever beat out bacon)

    • You’re right. When I was going through a list of toppings, avocado slipped my mind. Probably because avocado is horrible on a burger. A rant about this issue will soon come to a post, but for now, I will just say that burger entrepreneurs need to use guacamole 10 times over using avocado.

      • Agreed, guac is better. But I’m looking forward to hearing this insane anti-avo rant when I’m a BA Buddy this weekend.

  2. shouldn’t cheese just be on the burg automatically? i guess it’s still a topping though (and obviously the best)… sam, we’re so obsessed with this blog hahaha

    • Haha glad you read my quote at the top. And yes, although I do believe so, some weird folks out there like their burgers with nothing but meat and bread. Weird right? I agree.

      And to both of you guys: Thank you a lot! I’m glad you’re both enjoying it and I cannot wait to have you as B.A. Buddies!

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