NEW POLL: Which topping NEVER deserves to sit on a burger?

– If needed, feel free to discuss your reasoning below in the comment section and if it’s an “OTHER” answer, write it in the comments so others can agree!


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  1. I’ve never heard of fried fish or donuts going on a burger, so whereas those would probably both be worse than pineapple the latter gets my vote. Fruit has no place on a burger (unless you count tomatoes)

    • Fried Fish/Lobster can be found at some seafood restaurants that happen to have a burger, such as a “Surf ‘n Turf” burger. The “Donut” aka “Krispy Kreme”, or my favorite, “Lady’s Brunch” burger can be found at some local state fairs’. I’ve heard great reviews of these burgers, however I have not had the opportunity to get one in my hands as of yet. And although I assume I’m not going to like it, I gots to try it. As for pineapple, unless you enjoy sweet-type burgers, I don’t see how one could like it. I sure as hell don’t.

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