“Make a deal with the Robot Devil? I like my hands, thank you!” – Lucky Devils, Los Angeles

Today we will be reading about Lucky Devils…

Photo taken from http://www.luckydevils-la.com/about.html
Photo taken from luckydevils-la.com/about.html

Located in the heart of L.A., this burger joint was apparently named the best burger in the city, by “LA Weekly, or the LA Times, or one of the big newspapers in 2011 or ’10…”, our actress, I mean waitress, said…

I’ll say this, aside from the over-eager and dramatized server, the ambience and environment were good. The bar was nicely lit with red bulbs clearly displaying the draft brews they had on tap. And the tables, well… The tables weren’t so well-lit, carrying the “deviled” theme right to my dinner plate.

“The Bacon Buttermilk Blue” vs. Dom


Menu Name: The Bacon Buttermilk Blue ($12.00)

  • Brioche Bun
  • Organic Angus beef
  • Blue Cheese
  • Beer Caramelized Onions
  • Double Smoked Bacon

Calorie Count: They didn’t know…

The first thing I noticed as I ferociously bit into my burger was the blue cheese. Not too strong, yet not too weak, the blue cheese set the tone with it’s high-impact taste and lasting flavor. The caramelized onions tasted straight-up delicious… And when mixed with the blue… “Oh yeah, do you wanna ride with us, oh ride with us?”, it was magical. The bun finally jumps into the mix: Soft, buttered, and toasted.

To top it all off, here comes the the defending, reigning, DFB Most Important ingredient: The BEEF. Well cooked, well seasoned, and damn juicy. So soft, it crumbled with each closing of the jaw. Well done.

Here’s the thing: I’m a man of diversity. I mean, I’m sure that’s part of the reason I love burgers so, so much. I love the beef, the bread, the tomatoes, the greens, the bacon, the mushrooms, the onions, the cheeses, the sauces… I love it all. And every bite I take, is a well-crafted mixture of all the above ingredients.

Except it wasn’t. Not in this case anyway.

The burger was definitely good. I didn’t lie when I said the beef was fantastic and the onion/cheese mixture was touched by heaven. It’s just, well… It feels as though whoever was designing the burger got bored and gave up half-way.

There’s no greens, there’s no sauce, and I’m pretty sure they forgot to put the bacon on my burger. Because I sure as hell didn’t taste it at all.

It pains me to think — No, to know — how much better this burger could have been, given just a bit more time. A bit more effort to help it blossom into the young meal it should have been. Such a sad life for a burger.

Now, I really, really want to say: “But hey guys, next time you’re in L.A., make sure to stop by Lucky Devils and get yourself a Bacon Buttermilk Blue burger.”

But I can’t. In that city, there are so many other burgers to be had. Other burgers with higher pedigrees.

And with that, here’s how it scored:

(New)Grading Scale

Burger Taste – 39/55

Cheese Quality – 3/5

Onion Quality – 3/5

Meat Quality – 4/5

Greens Quality – x/5

Tomatoes Quality – x/5

Specialty Item Quality: Bacon– 0/5

Burger Presentation – 5/5

Burger Price – 6/10

Total: 60/85 = .705 “C”

Thus, sliding in at #11 on THE Burger List, Lucky Devils’ Bacon Buttermilk Blue Burger.

Special shout-out goes out to Graham Hart for becoming the newest B.A. Buddy!


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