|DOMSFAVORITEBURGERS| Launch Party! Sponsored by West Elm

Summer is coming…

And to kick it off right, West Elm will be sponsoring the launch party for |DOMSFAVORITEBURGERS|!

Complete with free burgers, rad music, and a red carpet, this launch party is to welcome new B.A. Buddies to the |DFB| Family.

6:00pm – Red carpet photo booth with our 1950’s/60’s themed pin-up girls!

7:00pm – Burgers for all!

So come take a mid-week break with the rest of us and get your burger on!

After-party location will be announced at the event!

Click here for the link to the facebook event!

Photography of event will be supplied by:

The fabulous and wonderful, Genevieve Davis of Genevieve Davis Photography – www.facebook.com/genevievedavisphotography

Check us out at…

|DOMSFAVORITEBURGERS|: http://www.domsfavoriteburgers.com

West Elm: http://www.westelm.com


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  1. Amazing!!! Can’t wait!

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