“Where da ca$h, where da ca$h at?!” – Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant, San Diego

Where da cash, where da-where da cash at?… Located just north of downtown, south of Hillcrest, and west of Balboa Park, you will find Bankers Hill. And where you will find Bankers Hill, you shall also find Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant… That’s only after you actually climb the hill called 4th Avenue, San Diego, of course.

However these giant-arms, also known as doors, open the path, and welcome you into their abode. If James Bond had become a wealthy miner in California, instead of a spy, this would be his joint. With abstract mobiles made of wine bottles and glasses hanging from the ceiling, along with a wealth of deer-heads adorning the wooden bar, your first instinct is to walk up to the bartender, order a double-black-rocks, and then put in your reservation.

But my heart of stomachs is stronger then that, as I first put in my reservation and then headed to get my pre-meal on during the typical saturday night 50-minute wait.

“The BH Burger” vs. Dom

bankers hill bar and restaurant

Menu Name: The Bacon Buttermilk Blue ($15.75)

  • Brioche Bun
  • 100% Certified Angus Beef
  • Aged White Cheddar Cheese
  • Pickled Red Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Wild-rocket Arugula

Calorie Count: 1200 approx.

As I looked down at this burger in front of me, I noticed the thickness of the patty. Holy shit, one inch, and a half thick? That’s awesome!

You know what’s not awesome? This piss-shit of a knife I received to eat my meal with… But luckily, these hands are of Dionysus, and through much experience, I made my incision– straight down the middle.

I finally was able to take the first bite into my burger, and was therefore elated. Not just because the burger was finally in my mouth, but because what came with that was epic. Being greeted by a multitude of flavors time after time, I forgot about the knife, and didn’t put the burger down.

The brioche bun was absolutely glorious. Toasted well, buttered well, and softer than lanolin’s beard, it proved to be incredibly impressive — holding everything, the ingredients and flavor, well within the confines of it’s grilled rim.

The angus beef is top shelf. And serving the patty, sporting a perfect cut, I just couldn’t get enough. Nowadays, it’s rare you have a burger that is dominated in flavor by mainly the beef… But this one was… And this one, was euphoric.

The wild-rocket arugula was great as always, and the pickled onions were pretty damn good. Well pickled and consisting of decent flavor, the onions gave the burger that old school american flavor.

The best thing on this burger though, was the garlic aioli. It is a beauty. I’m not sure if Bankers’ could have done a better job with the creation of this sauce. The texture was fantastic and the taste was that, times 100… And when paired with the fresh-cut tomatoes and wild rocket arugula, you can see that this burger was made of love.

The thickly-sliced aged white cheddar just about puts this burger over the top; with good, strong flavor that mediates the naturally sour flavors of the pickled onions and tomatoes.

And let’s not forget that upgrade to the Truffle Fries… They were great, yet I could’ve used a bit more flavor and kick in the truffle department, to be honest. However, dipping them in the garlic aioli made up for the loss, and yet again, pulled the meal together.

When I go back though, I’m not going to be spending the extra $3.00 for the upgrade… Just wasn’t quite worth it to me when I’m all ready spending $15.75 for the burger.

Here’s the thing… If you have the money, this is a burger you must get in San Diego. It was great. I’m not sure it’s entirely worth the price though, considering the competition’s prices. At least not on my 23 year old hurting budget anyway…

Grading Scale

Burger Taste – 48/55

Cheese Quality – 4/5

Onion Quality – 2/5

Meat Quality – 5/5

Greens Quality – 3/5

Tomatoes Quality – 4/5

Bun Quality – 5/5

Burger Presentation – 5/5

Burger Price – 6/10

Total: 82/100 = .82 “B”

Thus, sliding in at #8 on THE Burger List, Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant’s: The BH Burger.


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  1. Dom, your description of these burgers never fails to make my stomach growl. Great review, man. Miss you!

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