Happy 1-year Anniversary |DOM’S FAVORITE BURGERS|!

Today marks the day I started this blog and wrote my first post just one year ago. The only content I had at the time was “THE Burger List”, yet now, my B.A. Buddies page is off the hook, the Burger Laws page continues to make sure people are eating their burgers with the proper care, and I even have writers in the Bay Area and San Diego to help expand the quest to find the ultimate burger!

Looking back on what came of the blog in just one year gets me excited to think about this next one… And the one after that!

But truly most important, I would like to thank you.

A big, big, HUGE shout-out to all the readers. Honestly, if it weren’t for you, this blog would be non-existent.

So thank you, and have a burger for me, on this holiest of days!

149051_10200093602076099_1367172757_n 380338_3553469148686_451670611_n 945348_10200181835161871_1640014331_n 292694_10200310852827232_522823645_n 1179_10200323360859925_1262801337_n 923321_10200244110558717_969540525_n 935777_10200244231761747_1912110011_n 984010_10200245138304410_1482894345_n 970209_10200249014441311_1820307148_n229956_121329214672066_552643749_n303543_128778800593774_1000786389_n575246_121501197988201_931812553_n229448_161160264022294_460957274_n

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