FLASH⚡POST! Media delivers false info about In-N-Out (update)


Since writing the first post about In-N-Out’s apparent secret-menu item: “Monkey-style”, I have seen other media sources (MSNBC, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and many other tinier publications) repeating this false story without a second thought. I’m surprised, and saddened, that all of these news publications were ready to jump on the bandwagon for a completely false story, without any proper research. It seems like journalism 101, but what do I know, I just write about burgers.

Now since this story has gained so much ground, so quickly, I wanted to show everyone the naked truth.

• The video is shady. It was obviously cut and pieced together. The INO employee had clearly stated that they didn’t serve such a thing and that she had never heard of it before. She actually laughed at him the first time he asked.

• Here is a disgusting tidbit: When watching the video, at the :46 second mark, the video displays the words, “Can you turn off the camera first”. These are the apparent words of this INO employee. Here’s where you might want to stop reading. This obvious P.O.S. “news” source intentionally and with full-knowledge, literally changed the poor employee’s sentence from (listen closely/ don’t even look at the screen), “None of the In-N-Out’s, Sir” to “Can you turn off the camera first”. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE.

• Interestingly enough, it gets more ridiculous as the burgers they receive from the window, clearly aren’t the same burgers that are on the table in the next scene.

• Plus, if you look closely, you can clearly tell that the burgers, and their wrappers (more importantly), have been tampered with. If you’ve ever been to In-N-Out, you know how tightly they wrap the burgers. Eating your burger while driving is a task, as you have to pull the wrapper apart, while being opposed by the melting cheese on the other side. These wrappers were wrinkled, pushed down, uneven, and clearly not formed (or re-formed, I should say), by an INO employee.

• Aside from the video qualms, and the contact at the Laguna Hills location, I have since then contacted my sources at INO and In-N-Out Corporate. All of whom said the same thing: “Sadly, we do not serve anything called ‘monkey-style’, and we apologize for any confusion that may have occurred.”

Again, I am appalled by the naivety and deceit displayed by FOODBEAST.COM and at that matter, the other media sources who also shared the information without inquiring themselves.

If any other news pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know!


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