How To Eat: Animal-Style Fries

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Ever wonder why eating your Animal-Style Fries wasn’t ever as pleasing as your heart truly desired? Ever wonder what that lingering feeling of anxiety and longing meant? Do you think if I tell you why, you’ll believe me? Well, let’s see…

Throughout my years eating at In-N-Out, I have developed a way to eat Animal-Style Fries more efficiently than the rest. Here’s all you’ll need:

1. Animal-Style Fries

2. The small, brown “to-go” box

3. Fork

Luckily, all of these items are graciously provided by In-N-Out for our use… So let’s get to it.

Below, we have a picture of the Animal-Style Fries. I get two sides of these fries. Why? Because I enjoy over-indulging in great food… And I am severely lacking any self-control.

in n out burger

The first thing you need to do, is take the fries, and dump them into the brown box, per the picture below…

in n out burger

Next, take your plastic fork out of the wrapper and start using it! Mix around the fries so that the “secret-sauce”, grilled onions and melted cheese are evenly distributed to every little fry. For every fry deserves the goodies.

in n out burger

Final Step: Take your fork. And stab a good group of the fries. Once you have the fries stuck onto the fork, shove that into your mouth.

in n out burger

I promise you, after eating your Animal-style fries this way, you will never go back.

You’re welcome.

This is Dom, burger-hero of the masses… Signing out.


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  1. Good tips, I say — they are so delicious!

  2. lol thanks!!! i was not a fan of animal style cuz it was so clumpy. never thought to mix it >.<

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