“Beach + Burger = Freedom.” – Burger Stop, San Clemente CA

san clemente beach burgers

You know that feeling, when you are on top of a mountain, looking over the world with everything so tiny beneath you? Now, picture yourself standing on that same mountain, on the top-level patio, in a spanish villa.  Gazing towards the horizon, you see the ocean; And just like that, you are at peace. That’s where I was today, except I was eating a burger. And not just any burger, a burger hand-crafted in the heart of San Clemente by 35 years of hard-work, dedication, and the glorious sound-waves produced by Dick Dale’s guitar.

white truffle burger burger stop

Menu Name: The Bacon Burger ($3.75)

  • Sponged-dough Bun
  • 1/3lb. Beef Patty
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce

So I’m not proud of this, but we all falter sometimes… Today, I was driving through San Clemente and decided to get a burger. I was so apathetic about eating that I decided Jack-In-The-Box would be a fine suitor. But right before I could get to the drive-through, I got stuck at a light.

And boy was it a bright light! It read, Burger Stop, and I said, “OK”.

With the birds humming “Misirlou” in the sky, I drove the 3 minutes it took to get back to the house and unraveled that burger. And yes, it was a most magnificent time. Just me, the sun, the waves, and the burger. What more could you ask for?

The burger tasted great. The beef patty was not overbearing, nor was it too tough. It melded in your mouth along with the cheddar cheese as they formed one cheesy-patty.

And even though this combo is typical for a California burger, the ingredients were so spectacular that the burger transcended the norm. The sponged-dough bun for instance was fresh. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t rough, it was perfectly soft to the touch and gathered up all the left over juices.

The tomato slice was thick and juicy, the lettuce was fresh and crisp, and their take on the thousand-island blend was seasoned/peppered well to give it more of a unique flavor.

I will say that the addition of grilled onions on this burger would’ve been a good one. Although I love all types of onions, I think that having raw onions would’ve significantly changed the overall taste of the burger for the worse. So leaving those off was a good call. However, put some grilled ones on guys!

The absolute best part about this burger, was the bacon. It was the crispiest bacon I have had the pleasure of having in a long time. Not to mention how thick the cut of it was. This was the golden ingredient for this burger, and it came through big.

photo 1

Grading Scale

Burger Taste – 45/55

Cheese Quality – 3/5

Onion Quality – 0/5

Meat Quality – 4/5

Greens Quality – 3/5

Tomatoes Quality – 3/5

Bun Quality – 4/5

Burger Presentation – 5/5

Burger Price – 7/10

*Specialty Item* Bacon – 5/5

Total: 79/105 = .75 “C”

Thus, sliding in at #21 on THE Burger List, and #6 on $10 & Under List, Burger Spot’s: The Bacon Burger.

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