“God Among Men.” – In-N-Out, Irvine CA

If you have ever driven through California via the 5-freeway, you know the feeling in the pit of your stomach, as you begin to smell one of the most glorious smells known to man. You look around and know not where it’s coming from. It begins to first engulf your car, and calls your name next. You turn your music louder, hoping to scare it off… Fool, you have only made it a more spectacular sight, for as you finally see the culprit, “Eruption” explodes out of your speakers, as Eddie Van Halen leads you to nirvana.

in n out burger

During the 16 years I have been enjoying the fresh ingredients and careful preparation of In-N-Out’s burgers, I have carved a path of recycling, reusing, and constantly changing up my In-N-Out order routine.

In the early days, it started out with a basic Cheeseburger and Fries. In short time, my order will have upgraded itself to a Double-Double and Fries. And then I found Animal-style; which consequently birthed the Double-Double with Animal-style Fries. Then I just got plain greedy: (1) Double-Double and (2), I repeat, (2) Animal-style Fries (shown how to eat here). After that little fat-boy stint, and some rotating items around and using different combinations, I arrived at my most common order: (1) Cheeseburger (grilled & raw onions, ext-toast, med-rare) and (1) Fry-Ext-Well.

Fry-Ext-Well: In case you don’t know, ordering a fry-well at In-N-Out is just short for ordering your fries cooked well-done. How do they taste when cooked well-done? Fracking fantastic. Fried to a crisp, retaining all of the oil’s used to fry it in. It’s definitely worse, health-wise, for you to consume; however, as long as you eat a balanced diet and have a routine of working out that consists of some cardio and lifting, I promise you’ll be fine. Plus… Carpe Diem bro.

Left: Fry-ext-well; Right: Reg-Fry

But now, we refocus our attention on this:

in n out double double

Menu Name: The Double-Double ($3.75)

  • Sponged-dough Bun
  • (2) Ground Beef Patties
  • (2) Slices of Cheddar Cheese
  • Diced Grilled Onions
  • Whole-cut Raw Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Secret Sauce (thousand island blend)

For those who have yet to try, that which is the best and only fast food restaurant to dine at, I shall briefly describe the burger for ya’ll: Picture the birds and bee’s, doing their birds and bee’s thang, inside your mouth.

Since we’re all on the same level now, it’s time to tell everyone why In-N-Out is amazing:

For one, the quality of ingredients. They taste absolutely amazing each time. Each bite is flooded with freshly ground beef, freshly cut onions, crisp fresh lettuce, and finely cut fresh tomatoes (quality of these will vary depending on season) creating something only the one and true cylon god could have willed into existence.

Two, the price. For a burger that tastes so damn good, you cannot beat the price! There is no better burger, for cheaper than this one (save for the In-N-Out cheeseburger of course).

Three, it represents Southern California, not only in theme, but in menu as well. Simple, understated- yet bold, and elegant, the In-N-Out menu gives us typical products with exceptional care and strong ingredients. Plus, for all those local heads out there who want more, In-N-Out gives us the secret menu, just as the landscape of this beautiful state does with all it’s low-key nooks and views.

It might not be the absolute best tasting burger in the world, but for the price and genuine happy feeling from eating one, you can’t beat In-N-Out.

Thus, planting in at #11 on THE Burger List, and #3 on $10 & Under List, In-N-Out’s: Double-Double.

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