The Charity Shop’s Fundraiser Art/Band Show feat. DFB!


On May 2nd, 2014, The Charity Shop in Garden Grove asks for your help! This art-gallery, vintage store, recording studio, and event-venue hosts monthly art shows and happenings including group discussions of the arts, fashion, music, philosophy, and entertainment. These monthly meetings help foster and cultivate a true sense of community, while graciously quenching our undying thirst for knowledge.

Thus local musician and celebrity, Gianna Gianna (of BLOK), has spearheaded the campaign by hosting a fundraiser to help continue the communities yearning for connection and comprehension — And she’s invited DFB to help!

As shown above, the event will consist of an art-showcase by Jordan Avila, a record release by Wam Dings, and a band-show by Damien Blaise (of BLOK), Nicker Jones, Intimatchine, Rat Club, Liquid Sunshine, and more…

Food, or burgers, I should say, will be provided by yours truly and the Dom’s Favorite Burger squad! Desserts will by provided by Lauren Shaffer.

DFB will be setting up it’s step & repeat, while photography will be done by the wonderful Genevieve Davis, of Genevieve Davis Photography!


DFB (31 of 101)
Terminal A & Nicker Jones


1. Doors open at 7:30, and an $8 donation is suggested, but not mandatory

2. Dom’s Favorite Burgers will be there, making burgers… Need I say more? (Portion of proceeds will be donated to The Charity Shop)

3. Bands will start at 8:00pm promptly! So if you want to see the bands, and eat a burger, come early!

4. This night is all about the community and arts, or arts and community, or the art community. Regardless of which order you have it, everyone is a piece of work some time or another. So lets combine our mediums, focus our thoughts, and create true magic to support such a wonderful venue.



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