“Yes I eat bugs, and I’m not scared to say it!”

Spanning from this very moment, all the way back to the Spanish cavemen in 30,000 B.C., a trail of beetles, ants, and worms has entered the human digestive system throughout the centuries. Entomophagy, the human consumption of insects, has not only been apart of the primate lifestyle since the very beginning, but has maintained it’s roots in places like Thailand, Vietnam, and many parts of South America.

But why do you care? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you do. Either way, here’s why you should:

Let’s take a look at the figure below. We notice that cattle use about 7 lbs. of feed, 53 gal. of water, 75 sqft. of space, and over 1,000 btus of fossil fuel energy for every 1 lb. of meat produced. (It’s more like 3 hamburger patties)


And as much as I love eating burgers, I care about us humans more; jointly, the methods we are using to supply our bodies and environment with sustenance, is actually killing us. It’s all about sustainability.


Now don’t get all crazy and start saying that I’m going vegetarian or some shit, because that’s not what this is about. This is, however, about that seemingly-unobtainable-magical-key-of-life called MODERATION.

But what then, do we supplement the lack of meat with?

 Yep, you guessed it…

Insects; more specifically crickets! Why crickets you might ask? Well first and foremost, crickets are capable of yielding a whopping 25 grams of protein per 100 grams of fresh crickets. And while that’s 1 less than the average cattle protein yield, it’s the other nutritional value of each food source that matters. The average cricket contains 76mg of calcium and 9.5mg of iron (two of our 6 essential nutrients), and is low in carbohydrates (5.1) and low in fat (5.5g).

Even with all the presented data, the need to overcome the irrational fear of consuming insects in the United States, as well as much of the Western world, still exists. But fright not my friend, for the one-and-true cylon god has gifted us with Tiny Farms.


Tiny Farms, a consultant group “using data-driven design to build scalable farms”, does all their work, “so tiny creatures can help feed a growing world”. Establishing the open-forum, Open Bug Farm, Tiny Farms hopes to spur conversation about the benefits of farming insects while providing a source for like-minded individuals to come together and change the future. Most notably, they work closely with Big Cricket Farms of Ohio, creating the technology that allows a yield of 16 tons of crickets per year, all in a facility measuring 5,000 sqft.

But how do we get people to start eating these little protein saviors? Well Exo in Brooklyn, and Chapel from Salt Lake City, both have been using crickets as the protein source in their energy bars. Bitty, the store front in San Francisco, has done well the past couple of years using cricket-dust in their flour to produce high-protien cookies.

Typhoon’s, “Stir-Fry Taiwanese Crickets”

Even locally, the Santa Monica restaurant, Typhoon, serves up it’s “Taiwanese Crickets”, along with other insect-inspired dishes such as the “Singapore-style Scorpions”, and the “Thai-style White Sea Worms”.

But lets get down to it…

The reason this movement is important, is because like it or not, our planet is being castrated. And efficient farming, is one way we can help to reverse the process, while simultaneously providing millions of people with sustainable protein.

And for the sake of humanity, or god, or your children’s children (if any of those work for you), let’s all push for a future where ending hunger actually happens.


Leave your bullshit in the comment section if you feel inclined.

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6. #endhungernow: Photo from http://mcgovern.house.gov/EndHungerNow 

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