“A Nostalgic Love Affair: Burgers and Skating” – Grinderz, Huntington Beach


1999: I was ten, and life wasn’t too hard back then. All I really remember doing is playing video games, and skateboarding. My biggest concern at that point in my life, was 1. The Los Angeles Lakers; and 2. School (And that was only so that I was allowed to go out and skateboard on the weekends). I mean, you had Chad Muska rollin’ around with a boombox on his shoulder while 5-0ing down a 10-stair, you had legend Tony Hawk land that memorable 900, and do you guys remember Kareem Campbell? He was my go-to, on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Now even though I haven’t actually skated in years (landed a heel-flip 6 months ago!), the memories of Beebe Skatepark and Vans still linger strongly when I think of the good ol’ days.

That’s why upon stepping into Grinderz, I was immediately flooded with nostalgia, putting a smile on my face, and leaving an eager anticipation for this great new burger I’ve heard so much about.

Now ladies and gents, this burger is NOT ON THE MENU! Like many of the new joints stemming from the burger renaissance, they have their own secret menu. And on this secret menu, is my favorite burger to date: The PIGSTY Burger.


As you can see, Grinderz does what In-N-Out doesn’t; which is, in their PIGSTY FRIES, they use bacon, avocado, grilled onions, chopped yellow peppers, and a thousand-island dressing – taking the traditional “Animal-style Fries”, and giving them that long-awaited upgrade. Think of professional sports. It’s as if those animal fries in your mouth had taken a bunch of steroids and are now hitting 3 home runs a night!

And instead of having to be told no, we don’t serve “MONKEY-STYLE FRIES” because they don’t exist at In-N-Out

 Grinderz’s PIGSTY Burger actually comes with the PIGSTY Fries on it! Just perfect.

All I really have to say about this burger, is HOLY SHIT. At a price of $7.99, it’s a no-brainer. The quality of each ingredient was honestly top-notch, and the flavor profile that this burger provides, is actually worthy of the term: Umami.

Thank the one true Cylon God that I have some really awesome friends in Orange County that give me a reason to head down there some weekends. And when I do, you can find me eating my heart out at Grinderz in Costa Mesa (because I like Costa Mesa better).

Side-note: The customer service I have received, at both locations, has been nothing but spectacular (and I don’t use that lightly). Owner Ryan Vanderwheel is a super chill dude, running a fantastic operation, feeding the burger-lovers of Orange County and beyond. This is my favorite burger in all of Orange County right now, and you definitely need to try this one!

Side-side note: Shout out to my boy Tristen Adamson.


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