“The Only Baby I Want To Pay For in the Next 10 years: BurntZilla”

A little over one year ago, BurntZilla graced the citizens of Orange County, by opening it’s doors in Irvine, CA. The baby of a union between The Burnt Truck and Dogzilla, BurntZilla hopes to share it’s love of simplistic ingredients gathered together to create a taste and flavor that is truly extraordinary.

Burntzilla, Irvine, CA

Let me just say, that observing the operation from the outside alone, got my juices flowing. Then remind me that I’m about to embark on a food adventure and I’m all but naked.

It’s designed as though it’s located on some busy street corner in the city. Your traditional food stand like The Great White Hut in Glendale; But that’s the kicker, it’s not. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s located in your typical suburban shopping center, amongst shops like Pier 1 and Starbucks. But what the center lacks in soul, BurntZilla makes up for tenfold.

Serving up tapas-styled dishes, BurntZilla has a menu consisting of sliders, “zillas” (mini-hotdogs), soups and sides. They even have mini-pies and holiday bread pudding for desserts.

But when I walked up to the counter, I had one question, and one question only:

“What is your most popular item?”

My good man Min, steered* my hungry heart in the right direction as we landed with this:


“The Golden Combo: 1 Cheeseburger Slider, 1 Fried Chicken Slider, and Carne Asada Loaded Tater Tots.” (If you’re thinking, ‘Holy Shit’, holy shit is right.)

We’ll start here, with the Cheeseburger Slider:


The first thing I noticed when biting into this baby burger, was how deliciously sweet the avocado aioli was. It set your mouth up for the most gnarly of flavor waves as you embark on your Hawaiian sweet roll, with Angus beef, American cheese, and grilled onions keeping you steady.

As is generally used for most burgers, Angus is a great cut of meat, specifically for the slider. It carries it’s texture and flavor profile very well, even in such a distinctively small size.  That coupled with the grilled onions and classic American cheese, you really can’t go wrong. But what makes this slider better than the rest, is the Avocado Aioli. It’s not only light and fresh, but the seasonings in the mixture give it a unique taste that thoroughly compliments the rest of its companions.

Next we have, the Fried Chicken Slider:


Comprising of a genuine garlic potato spread that gives the juicy buttermilk chicken that extra boost in flavor, the Chefs here at BurntZilla live true to their motto: it is the most basic form of, “Comfort Food Redesigned”.

All of that, paired with the gravy was just about better than, dare I say it, my own mother’s Thanksgiving meal? Yes, I dare. Because once you taste it, thanksgiving becomes any day, and every day.

But I digress. On with our next prize, the Carne Asada Loaded Tater Tots:


What more can I say? The tater tots were fried to a crisp golden brown as you can see above, and the flavor complex was perfectly resemblant of carne asada fries with all the traditional herbs and spices.

The whole meal, for just over $10.00, is a steal. And my combo, was just one of the options! I didn’t even f*ck with the “zillas” so I’m going to have to come back for round 2.

Check these cats out, they’re the real deal.



Now begrudgingly with the combo, always comes a drink. And I say begrudgingly because I, almost neurotically, only drink water. And that’s especially true with my meals. Yet this time I was feeling a little spicy and decided to fill up a big ol’ glass of iced tea. I’m not sure how much tea they actually put in the mix, because I’m pretty sure it’s just pure sugar. And not the fun kind.

*it was kind of like when Carrie Underwood was crashing her car into a deep ravine and she asked Jesus to “take the wheel”. Min was my Jesus. “My own, Personal, Jesus.”

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