“Chipotle? Burgers? Will it come with a side of E. Coli too?”

Chipotle: Infamous for their “game-changing burritos” that attempted Mexican/American fusion, by removing all of the Mexican (check Trump stock in company here), has officially announced that they will be opening a burger joint this fall.

This news is coming 6 months after the company dealt with two E. Coli outbreaks, effecting over 60 people, in 14 states.

Be that as it may, the company has yet to fiscally recover from their country-wide kitchen disaster, as they hope this new venture will help boost their stock prices.

And where might they open the first location? Well, Ohio of course!

Home of the annual National Hamburger Festival (as well as hosting the nations most food-related festivals), and sitting a pretty 30 minutes outside of Columbus, Lancaster, Ohio, hopes to be the birthplace of the next great burger stand… Tasty Made.


But what do I think?

Well, to be honest, I think it’s shit.

Let’s forget about the company-wide E. Coli outbreaks that plagued the company for months and just stick with trends…

McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s etc. have all, within the past year, decided to upgrade their lackluster burgers. To some that meant “better” meat, sourcing from “better” distributors, in hopes of a “better” burger. To others that meant speciality buns, “handcrafted” and baked in house.

With most of the upgrades intended to meet the consumers demand for a more, educated burger, the companies real goal (surprise), was to boost revenue.

And with the popularity of the burger seemingly at its apex (or dare I even say decline), the move to compete with the more well-established, hamburger-focused, and money-hungry companies leaves me puzzled.

The problem lies within the heart and soul of the company, for which there is none.

We’ll see if, Tasty Made, is able contend with some of the giants in the food industry, let alone accomplishing the task of creating a tasty and handmade burger…

At least it’s a better name than their original: Better Burger.


Is it?







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