About Dom


Ever since my teenage years, I’ve had this undying thirst to find the best damn burger around. With my experience as the feature editor for my high school paper, “The Spokesman”, and the blog editor/writer for “The Lariat” at Saddleback College, I hope to unearth the best burgers around, and share them with the world!

But why would I care about YOUR opinion of burgers?

Here’s why: I love food… I am the Culinary Director and Demonstration Instructor at Pearl St. General Store in Laguna Beach, the former Head Chef at Williams-Sonoma at The Shops at Mission Viejo, the former Culinary Specialist for Williams-Sonoma’s: West Elm at South Coast Plaza, and I am the head chef for Dom’s Favorite Burgers catering division.

Now to sell you more, here are some things you probably don’t care about: My favorite sports team is the Los Angeles Lakers, my favorite sport is Mixed Martial Arts, my favorite graphic novel is Preacher, I eat roughly 4 burgers a week, I love music – Stoner Metal, Psych-Rock, Rockabilly, Punk, 40’s Country, Blues, 30-50’s Jazz, 90’s Hip-hop, Surf-rock, Garage-rock… I could go on forever, so I’ll spare you the rest.

Ugh, forget all that… I guess, the point I’m trying to make is that this blog isn’t just about “burgers”. It’s not just about eating burgers either. This blog is about beauty… About creativity… About ingenuity… About love. It’s about all these ingredients that join together in creating the best burger… And I’m just here to relay the message.

– Click here for reviews written by Dom Gutierrez


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  1. He Dom, great site. Thanks for sharing when I visited Target. I’m still working on my site, but if I can ever save you money on a home loan, please let me know.

    • domofdomsfavoriteburgers October 9, 2012 — 10:11 AM

      Haha The Riders Club Cafe is absolutely amazing. I was down in San Clemente one time before I had started this blog and found this place. What can I say, it was fantastic! And when I officially review it, it’s going to rank very high, I’m sure.

  2. I really am enjoying your blog. Great writing.

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